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The Tumultuous Birth of the Eurasian Economic Union Stratfor

The Tumultuous Birth of the Eurasian Economic Union Stratfor


The Tumultuous Birth of the Eurasian Economic Union | Stratfor

The Eurasian Economic Union is one way to do that, though the name belies the bloc's true nature. It is not simply about economics, just as its predecessor, ...

In this photograph, Armenian police arrest a man during a protest in Yerevan, the

The circumstances of the Eurasian Economic Union's launch are starkly different from those envisioned by the Kremlin when it set out to build an economic ...

Meanwhile, relations between Belarus and the West became strained when long-serving Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko cracked down on protests after ...

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Eurasian Union

Yet Belarus and Armenia may increasingly hedge their positions as tension between Russia and the West continues to climb.

After the Soviet Union fell, Kazakhstan flirted with the idea of creating a union between the ethnically Turkic states in Central Asia.


Russias attempts at economic integration in the CIS region

A physical map of the Caucasus

Regional Map - Forecasts - Latin America

Afghanistan would later become just that, separating the Russian and British empires and eventually playing an important role in subsequent conflicts ...

... Eurasian Economic Union. As a result, both countries have attempted to mitigate the effects of their currency depreciation by raising interest rates ...

A Plethora of Immediate and Long-Term Challenges Facing Kazakhstan

The Broader Standoff


Regional Map - Forecasts - Sub-Saharan Africa

Russian soldiers take part in the August 2014 Indestructible Brotherhood joint military exercises at the Ala

This startling and uncharacteristic admission shows that Armenia may be recalculating its position in relation to Russia — something that the West and ...

Alongside the political, economic and security changes Ukraine has undergone, many of its people

The Political Position of Leading Political Parties in Latin America, 2015

Regional Map - Forecasts - Europe

The next area of concern is along the southern borderlands, particularly the Almaty and Shymkent regions. These regions have high population densities and ...

Regional Map - Forecasts - South Asia

March 15 marks 100 years since Czar Nicholas II abdicated his throne, ending the Romanov

Russia's grain belt lies in the southern European part of the country, ranging from the Black Sea across the northern Caucasus to western Kazakhstan, ...

Cross-Border Cultures

Centered on the western rim of the Pacific Ocean, the Asia-Pacific region includes

Driving these concerns are two principal factors: the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of 2014 and the emergence of the Islamic State as a major ...

STRATFOR: Iraq: An Oil Deal Drives Kurdish Parties Further Apart

04/17/135286862_14608812548871n.jpg. (accessed on 27 March 2016). 31 STRATFOR, ―The Tumultuous Birth of the Eurasian Economic Union‖ ...

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The road towards the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius

STRATFOR: Who Will Exit the EU Next?

https://www.stratfor .com/sites/default/files/main/images/Russia-MonoG-Warsaw-

A map showing Moldova and the disputed area of Transdnistria (in yellow) and the formerly disputed region of Gagauzia (in red), a region that had also once ...

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Gli Arcani Supremi (Vox clamantis in deserto - Gothian): Il Latium Vetus e


Illusions vs Reality: Twenty-Five Years of U.S. Policy Toward Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia | Soviet Union | International Politics

Turkey's Economic Miracle Under Fire

Russia, not happy with the United States creeping too close in its backyard, is

We had Reva Goujon, VP of Global Analysis at Stratfor, join.

People of the Pacific Pearl: Frames that capture the vibrant world of Lima | India Writes


Vladimir Putin's party wins in Russian election: Will this lead to Jeremiah 50:41-43 fulfillment?

Borderlands: A Geopolitical Journey in Eurasia

The major clans of Samarkand, Ferghana and Tashkent are the most likely to initiate a conflict. The smaller regional clans of Jizzakh, Khorezm, ...

Heralding the Rise of Russia: US-Armenian relations as compared to Russian-Armenian relations

The Tumultuous Birth of the Eurasian Economic Union | Stratfor | Maps | Pinterest


Map of Jordan and Israel

Why the Minsk-2 Settlement of the Ukrainian Crisis Will Hold

Arab Topics - Map of Middle East

art: Anthony Freda

Solar will not replace hydrocarbons as the region's primary energy source, but where markets can meet national goals and strategies, it has the potential to ...

Somalia's Poor Prospects for Stability

Leaders of the BRICS nations at the G-20 summit in Brisbane, 15 November

Leading the Multipolar Revolution: How Russia and China Are Creating a New World Order

Russia's Secret Strategy over Nagorno Karabakh. Part I

STRATFOR: The Trump Doctrine: A Work in Progress

File Photo of Crowd in Russia Including Person Waving Russian Flag with Eagle

Egypt - Members of Muslim Brotherhood

Reva Goujon. Stratfor ...

Rockets of the World - They get BIG!

Vladimir Putin with former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, 2008.

Presidents Bush and Putin at the 33rd G8 summit, June 2007.

Soros Disruption: American-Style

Asia ...

The president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin (in the center) during procession of