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Post on t Chaotic t Action figures and Gaming

Post on t Chaotic t Action figures and Gaming


Hasbro GI Joe SDCC 2016 IMG_0198

Kenner Jurassic Park Chaos Effect: Tyrannonops 1997

Jurassic Park- Tyrannonops

I didn't even know Warhammer Quest Silver Tower was a thing, until I went looking for the source of these nifty updated versions of some classic familliars:

Chaos Gargant

Invasion of Chaos Special Edition Booster [Toy] [Toy]

Chaotic Colors on Twitter: "Model: Custodian Guard Game: Warhammer 40k / 30k Maker: Games Workshop Level: Custom Follow me on: FaceBook: ...

Friend selfie #warhammer #warhammer40k #paintingwarhammer #warmongers #scifi #war #space #spaceMarines #chaos #painting #hobby #gaming #tabletop # t…


Chaos Battle League Review | IOS / Android Game | Walkthrough

Yes, this really is a 2500 point army. Don't let the size

Realm of Chaos: An 80s Warhammer Enthusiast Blog: Ode to Heroquest: More fantastic



CHAOS 1500(1)

Amazon.com: G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra, Movie Action Figure, Baroness Attack on the G.I. Joe Pit, 3.75 Inches: Toys & Games

Khorne Bloodbound Skarr Bloodwrath Khorne Bloodbound Warriors of Chaos Age Of Sigmar - Gaming Figures

Moore Action Collectibles Chaos Comics Evil Ernie Lady Demon Purgatori Lot of 3

Trading card game. Trade the cards or play the game. We don't know much about the game, and are putting them up on clearance. Comes in 4 factory sealed foil ...

Willy miniatures Chaos pact team painted on commission!


And there aren't too many opponents who would deny your using them (if they do, they are assholes. There. I said it). Chaotic hounds are chaotic hounds.

They think order and chaos are somehow opposites and try to control what won't be. But there is grace in their failings. I think you missed that.

Death Star-vader, Chaos Universe - G-CB06/Re:01EN -

... these guys into the Red Corsair fold as fellow traitors/rebels who aren' t Red Corsairs per se but have fallen under the banner of Huron Blackheart.

FW Chaos Siege Giant

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Crimson Neo Viper G I Joe The Rise of Cobra Movie 4 Inch Action Figure 2009 | eBay

A Brief Opinion

Arcadia Quest: Chaos Dragon Board Game By CMON

Wasn't ever much of a player, so this is largely a fluff/"because it's cool" army.

Sonic Generations - Perfect Chaos BOSS - Episodes Walkthrough - Gameplay #20

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Destiny - Single Card : Legacies #019 : Boba Fett

First up, is a 40K Chaos Cultist I converted just because I hadn't assembled my own converted creation for many a month and I had an itch to scratch.

40k Chaos Space Marines: Squad (New Box)

These guys have been my main accomplishment this month, though unfortunately I didn't have them ready for our meet up last weekend. After reading Oldhammer ...

With the new chaos books arriving I have decided to start a Tzeentch army; because three chaos armies aren't enough. Unfortunately, my first two games went ...

He is a resin model from the Games Workshop. Sculpted and released last year, but based on the original Slambo miniature from the 80s.

Quick post today to share with you guys a 'bonus' picture of my Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion I recently finished.

I haven't actually glued the figures in place yet as I'm not really sure whether I want them like this or arranged differently.

Devolver Digital on Twitter: "“Okhlos is a strange, humorous, and chaotic game…” @GameSpot previews @Okhlos! https://t.co/5tTIjCBVlB… "

... Night Hunters Series carded samples finally turning up after nearly 20 years. Glow in the dark dinosaurs! The 90's were fun.… https://t .co/Hw5xrHLy7A"

Double DBow PKing At Elder Chaos Druids!

CHAOS MOSHPIT is back in Black Ops 3... DON'T play it! Chaos Moshpit is back in Call of Duty BO3!

Any ideas why the fourth Chaos Warrior isn't in the pictures from GAMA, or the YouTube video about the team? Did he miss the team bus, or just go full ...

This fondness can be a strength when I figure out how a particular section of the gaming audience isn't being served by mechanics that are too ...

I haven't seen a bad one yet and I am planning to collect and paint a few more even if they aren't in armies (or games systems for that matter) that I ...

Chaos TCG Sena from the kingdom R CT-KS-121

Pokemon Single Card GENERATIONS - 37/83 : Meowstic EX

Nintendo Alignment Chart by Nakabeast ...

4:41 PM - 26 Dec 2017


My friends friend didn't like Typhus's pose, so he got creative

DC Comics Rebirth & Justice League Of America #18 Spoilers: Prometheus Strikes & A New Threat Emerges As Strong As The Lords Of Chaos & Order?

Binary #043 Marvel Chaos War Marvel Heroclix

I don't often buy Chaos Space Marines, but I haven't seen this transfer sheet before. Is it new?

I was able to skim over the new Warriors of Chaos Army Book this weekend, and I have to say one thing, I didn't even care about the rules after a certain ...

I'll freely admit he isn't my best work - I actually think Typhus was better - but this model was so much fun that I just HAVE to share him.

I don't know what it is about Chaos that always pulls me in, but once again I couldn't resist it's lure. What I originally put together was mostly renegade ...

I wasn't quite sure how to go about grey flesh, so I started with a base of Mechanicus Standard Grey and just kept adding Bleached Bone to it for each layer ...

HEROCLIX Thor and Hercules 059 w/ CARD Avengers Asgard Chaos War Marvel Comics- Wizkids

He sat in my to-do pile for a while afterwards, I got into a bit of a painting slump following the decision that I wasn't up to par to join in on ...

... on the Blood Bowl website, so even if you weren't playing in Blood Bowl's last golden age, you can still grab a team and try them out on the pitch.

This isn't relevant to my death guard but I am obsessed with characters and

... Codex: Chaos came out, so don't be too harsh on them. I never finished the bases properly either, a bad habit which I should probably rectify now that I ...

Now, on to my crap about this game... You may recall I published my list earlier in the week which included a brief overview of what I was going to do and ...

Pokemon Single Card GENERATIONS - 17/83 : Blastoise EX

#HeroQuest mummy and Chaos Warrior painted today. Still learning techniques but wicked fun #gaming @thearmypainterpic.twitter.com/OcxMFqXshk

Chaotic: Shadow Warriors - Xbox 360 / Ps3 Gameplay (2009)

I wish they didn't do this. It's probably a commercial move to make old players ditch their small mini's in favour of the new releases.

Pokemon Single Card XY - BREAKTHROUGH - 111/162 : Haxorus

Upper Deck Dinosaur King Card DKDS-055 Ocean Panic (Common)

Players interested in Chaos War and its great cast of characters aren't limited only to the booster set either. Also on sale at your local comic book or ...

Warhammer 40k Bitz: Dark Vengeance - Chaos T - Cultist,.

As a brief side note, by the way: This blog doesn't have that big a following yet. Most of my posts get a couple of dozen views at absolute most on the ...

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Destiny - Single Card : Legacies #018 : Bib Fortuna

Since it shouldn't follow the rules of chaos (yeah, I know, but its 40K), I figured I had more lattitude to interpret than with some other topics.

Chaos Spawn


Pretty damn fine Chaos Lord or disloyal space marine commander if it is Warhammer 30,000

Apparently some Chaos Emeralds are coming as well. Hopefully I can track some of these guys down. Though I do hope they focus a bit more on characters from ...

An00bis's T'au Empire vs Skimask mohawk's Chaos Space Marines.

You know, this just looks like what he does when he hasn't lost it, so what was the point of that line? There's a line later on that's just as pointless, ...

Again, the highlighting didn't really work here - I think the lines are just too thick, which means my paint is probably too thick.

I'll post when done! Also, here is my abaddon conversion for everyone to cc. Thanks everyone!

Turn-based game.

photo photo photo photo

... time in the Cartel Market, head into battle wearing the legendary Chaotic Force-Master's Armor Set. https://t.co/xFgFJDyk8v… https://t .co/QWdOqOEHez"

... actually sit in front of a computer, since I haven't fully healed yet - I managed to put on the finishing touches on the fearsome Chaos Fluffers team.

I'm using skeleton bone for the pointy bits and most weapons and a darker "tanned flesh" for their skin - wasn't crazy about the blue-ish skin tone

Don't bother with this Chaos scum, she's not worth your time ...

I made that guy because I wanted a second special weapon in the squad that wasn't just a blight launcher or a plasma rifle. I wanted a flamer and the Plague ...

Pretty sick loading screen!

Chaos, Chaos Space Marines, Lord, Terminator Armor, Wordbearer - chaos lord5 -

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