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Making Words with the SmartBoard Short AEU sounds t

Making Words with the SmartBoard Short AEU sounds t


... Making Words with the SmartBoard: Short A-E-U sounds

... EDITABLE Digital Making Words Back to School

EDITABLE Digital Making Words Summer EDITABLE Digital Making Words Summer

Making Words SmartBoard Lesson Primary Grades Making Words SmartBoard Lesson Primary Grades

... Making Words with the SmartBoard: /ap/ and /an/ word families

Editable Digital Making Words Template Editable Digital Making Words Template

... DIGITAL Making Words for Back To School

Editable Digital Making Words Fall Editable Digital Making Words Fall

... Word Family Sorting Lesson- Jackets - Making Words for the SMART Board

... EDITABLE Digital Making Words St. Patricks Day

Working with words! What a great deal.

Making Words Smartboard Activities Making Words Smartboard Activities

Beginning Sound Word Sorts (short vowels a and e)

Full Circle Kindergarten - Word Families with Short Vowel a

Short i word families & fire safety

... Standard aligned manipulative activity to help reinforce the CVCE/"silent e" or "Magic e" rule. The Magic e has the power to change short vowel sound ...

words that end with short /i/ | short vowel with picture and list of

Vowel Sounds: Long E, Short E

Week 1 - This set comes with the short e picture card and story and a worksheet to help children practice reading and writing words with the short e sound.

Kindergarten Word Family Sorts- Word Work Independent Practice

Long and Short Vowel Sorting Sheets

Vowel Sound Bookmarks

Sort short and long vowel words using the vowel sort pages, with easy self-check for independent practice. There are also three pages included for both long ...

Students love sorting words and pictures on the SMART board. Enjoy this long and short

Making Words- smart board edition Making Words- smart board edition

Phonics Worksheet... I would transform this using a different kind of picture source

ABC moveable magnetic letters | Smartboard | Pinterest | Magnetic letters

This packet contains four games to reinforce words with short vowel sounds changed to long vowel

... Making Words Smartboard File - Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use

Beginning Sound Short O Words | Words that have a short "i" vowel sound

... St. Patrick's Day Making Words Smartboard

A lovely phonics resource for letter sound recognition and building words. Can the children blend the letter sounds to help the frog reach his house?

Short e Word Work

Short Vowel Sounds:

「short a words list」的圖片搜尋結果

Smartboard R-Controlled Vowels Word Sort

Short Vowel 'a' Word Families GAME SHOW for PowerPoint

"I thought I'd share my favorite resources for SMART board lessons so you don't always have to recreate the wheel." Gena author of The Techy Teacher ...

Bossy R No Prep Printables (R Controlled Vowels)

Back to School Word Work {short vowels}

This Smartboard lesson features an array of activities with the LONG O sound spelled OA and OW. // Promethean ActivBoard users don't forget to save the file ...

Short vowel sound activities

Practice sight words and play tic-tac-toe in the powerpoint game for smartboard

Short Vowel "a" Book Learning the "vowels" is easy ...

Two Letters Are Hanging Around.wmv

Aa "Ah" sound words pictures - Yahoo Image Search Results

short a sound word | Short Vowel Sound - Kids A - Teacher Jamie

How do you teach a Growth Mindset? By letting students struggle and share. This

CVC Games featuring Short Vowels

... Let's Learn About the Long U Sound - Smartboard Lesson

"I thought I'd share my favorite resources for SMART board lessons so you don't always have to recreate the wheel." Gena author of The Techy Teacher ...

Students will sort words with the short e sound into word families.

If walls could talk, what would they say? Well, for the case of

Fiction/Non-fiction Sort and Assessment - Freebie

Step 3 of Phonics Short Vowel CVC ( o ) New

... Word Study w/ r-influenced /u/ sounds (ur, ure &

... Schwa (a makes short u sound) Story with Sorting Chart

Vowel Team Practice

Word Sorts- Long and Short Vowels-$

Great FREE Plural Noun Worksheet! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/

10 Sources of Phonemic Awareness #ece

Fun Games for SH, CH, J Articulation: Rock Paper Scissor

CVCe Words Smartboard Games

Long and Short Vowel Word and Picture Sorts BUNDLE

Teacher Idea Factory: Short U activity

Middle Vowel Sounds, Episode 2

sort lowercase from UPPERCASE letters with activity builder

Find lesson plans for your SMART Board

Fundations® Level 1 Aligned SMART Board Letter Tiles! Never run out of letter tiles

Kindergarten Goal Chart – FREEBIE

This full color activity is a picture sort by medial short vowel sounds /a/

Short Vowel "i" Book ...

Long and Short Vowels:

Teaching the Short u Sound

Kindergarten Short Vowel O Word Games, for Building Reading and Writing 87pgs

Miss Kindergarten: Organizing Crafts

Here's a set of resources and examples for students to create their own Expository Text Features

Word Family Cards

Ending Blends Smartboard Games and Movie

Free interactive sight words game to make learning fun and engaging!

CVC Short "i" Word Family Pack

1st Grade Yearlong Phonics / Spelling / Word Work / Fluency Passages ***PDF

Short Vowel a Clip Art with CVC Word Patterns. All short vowels are also available

make cards- shoes/Ideas for teaching kids to tie their shoes. - make tieing cards - in prep of pirate days - shirts tied like this connection?

1st Grade Glued Sounds Bingo Game

Making Words on the Smartboard / Word Work Center - Back to School

Four in a row games for ee words

Short E Word List | short o short i short a3 short e short u

This product is to practice using correct punctuation at the end of a sentence. Students

Sentence Type Practice and Review!

Fifteen spelling words that have the short o and short e sounds. Activities include a

FREEBIE sound cards to display in the classroom with common digraphs & blends.

Works on any Interactive Whiteboard and computer. Display on your Smart Board, Promethean, Mimio or on a computer workstation.

short vowel and long vowel practice

Soud Sort -ar words

Consonant Digraph Garden

Kindergarten Crayons: Realize You Need to Contextualize!

Beginning Sounds SMART BOARD Game

Short Vowel U Activity Center: Sort each Short U Word under the matching pencil heading