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Egyptian CrownsHeaddressesIbisheaded Thoth Kom Ombo

Egyptian CrownsHeaddressesIbisheaded Thoth Kom Ombo


Bas relief alabaster carving of the god Thoth, god of writing and wisdom, the Temple of Horus and Sobek, Kom Ombo, Upper Egypt

Ptolemy XII Neo Dionysos Purified by Thoth and Horus and Haroeris. Kom Ombo Temple Egypt

Egyptian Gods Thoth (Ibis Head), Hathor, Pharoh, Bastet, Horus, Kom Ombo Temple

Kom ombo

Kom Ombo Egypt Temple of Haruris and Sobek Carving of Thoth God of Wisdom - Stock

Bas relief alabaster carvings of Horus and Thoth annointing the pharaoh at the Temple of Horus and Sobek, Kom Ombo, Upper Egypt

Kom Ombo Temple at night, Egypt - elegant frieze carving of Horus and Thoth blessing

Pylon: Kom Ombo's Regal Entrance

Egyptian Art. Temple of Kom Ombo. Ptolemaic Dynasty. Purification. Toth and Horus

Kom Ombo Temple Egypt


Ancient Egyptian carvings and hieroglyphic depicting Thoth

Sekhmet - Kom Ombo, Egypt

Kom Ombo Temple

Kom Ombo Temple

Egypt Nile River Kom Ombo Temple Purification Scene With Thoth Horus And Emperor

Ma'at, the Winged Egyptian Goddess. Kom Ombo Egypt


Kom Ombo civil calendar

Temple of Sobek

The temple of Kom Ombo,a dual temple for Sobek and Haroeris

Ancient Egypt: Sandstone Carving in 2,000-Year-Old Temple Reveals New Details About Alexander The Great's Successor

This relief from the Temple of Kom Ombo shows Sobek with typical attributes of kingship, including a was-sceptre and royal kilt.

Fig. 8. Nehy holding two serpent staffs. Temple of Kom Ombo. © Scott Noegel.

Kom Ombo Temple in Upper Egypt Worshipped Two Gods

Kom Ombo, Goddess Nekhbet, staff, with Shen ring.

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From wall of Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt

Kom ombo temple dedicated to the gods Horus and Sobek (crocodile),here god

Reliefs showing Egyptian gods on a wall at Temple of Kom Ombo at night in Egypt

Egypt, Kom-ombo, Temple, Engraving, Gods, Divinities

At a stone with carving of Gods Horus & Sobek in Kom Ombo Temple

Egyptian gods engraved on the wall of the temple of Sobek, Kom Ombo Island

This is a Ptolemaic Egypt-Tour-Alexandria-Amarna-Nile-River-Cairo-Giza-

(486k), relief isis shown

A well-preserved frieze inside the Temple of Kom Ombo built during the Ptolemaic dynasty

Bas relief carvings on a wall of the Ancient Egyptian Temple at Kom Ombo. -

Medical instruments image at the Temple of Kom Ombo ...

Relax on deck as we sail to Kom Ombo. There, we visit the only dual temple in Egypt. This dramatic temple poised between the edge of the river and the ...

Locates in the town of Kom Ombo, about 28 miles north of Aswan, the Temple, dating to the Ptolemies, is built on a high dune overlooking the Nile.

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Egyptian Art. Temple of Kom Ombo. Ptolemaic Dynasty. 2nd century B.C. The eye

Sobek, Crocodile God, Kom Ombo temple : Temple dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek (god of fertility and creator of the world with Hathor and Khonsu) and ...

Horus and Set with Ramesses the Third seen at the Global Egyptian Museum website, housed in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo Granite, height 195cm, width 72cm, ...

Bas-relief of Thoth, Nut, Ptolemy VIII, Isis, Horus and Ra

KOM OMBO TEMPLE_EGYPT by wolfreen ...

Bas relief alabaster carving of the god Thoth, god of writing and wisdom, the

Temple at Kom-Ombo, Egypt

Kom Ombo Temple in daylight, Egypt-KomOmbo3-sm.jpg (6567 bytes)

Temple of Horus

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Egyptian Crowns/HeaddressesIbis-headed Thoth - Kom Ombo Horus - Karnak temple Complex Isis

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A relief carving of the Egyptian god Thoth from the Temple of Ramesses II (1279-1213 BCE), Abydos.

#24821065 - KOM OMBO, JULY 18 Group of tourists entering at Kom Ombo Temple On July 18, 2010 Kom Ombo, Egypt

Egypt landscape (michelle 2005) 09.jpg

Vintage Photo, Temple of Kom Ombo, Aswan Egypt ...

The Temple Of #KomOmbo, Dedicated To #Sobek And #Horus. | #Egypt #AncientEgypt #Egyptologypic.twitter.com/72FbJnsohw

Nout est suivi par Thot, tandis qu'Isis est précédée par son fils Harsiésis, et par Haroéris.

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winged sun disk egypt | Winged sun discs & Medusa

Luxor, The Ramesseum on the western bank - Egypt

YESHUA'S INITIATIONS IN THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN SCHOOLS OF WISDOM – Kyria Aluéla – Priestess Chantress Melchizedekia – The Vocal Alchemist

Kom Ombo Egypt

Wall relief of Sekhmet, Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt

Graeco-Roman Temples in Upper Egypt

Cleopatra II and Cleopatra III (left to right) at the Temple of Kom Ombo

Ptolemy XII Auletes wearing a hemhem crown, from the temple of Kom Ombo

3_3_Temple Kom Ombo

komombo. A hundred years later, French occultist Paul Christian wrote in a book called The History and Practice of Magic of an Egyptian initiation rite, ...

Temple of Sobek -Kom Ombo Egypt

Cairo, Aswan, Philae, Kom Ombo, Luxor, Karnak, Denderah,

Egypte, temple de Kom Ombo (Marie-Hélène Cingal) Tags: temple egypt


Ancient Egypt The Book of Thoth Anubis Clip art - Anubis

... Toth and Horus pouring blessings on Sobek (Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt)

Iconic ancient Egyptian God Osiris bas relief pose is key focus with elaborate floral capitals of

Egyptian Guide showing wall reliefs at Kom Ombo Nile Egypt North Africa - Stock Image

Relief at the twin Temple of Sobek and Haroeris, Kom Ombo, Egypt, North

Kom Ombo Temple

Ancient Egyptian Medicine - Surgical Tools at Kom Ombo

Egyptian God Horus the Elder at Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo, Egypt

Ancient Egyptian medical instruments depicted in a Ptolemaic period inscription on the temple at Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo Temple - Kom Ombo, Egypt - History and Visitor Information

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... Egypt; Wall relief showing the purification of Ptolemy XII by the gods Horus, Thoth and Haroeis

Story Buildings of Egypt :Kom Ombo Two Hands

Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt.

Thoth as Ibis, temple at Kom Ombo

The ancient Egyptian Temple of Kom Ombo near Aswan, Egypt, North Africa, Africa

The Ptolemaic era is one of ancient Egypt's most well-documented periods, meaning that