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Cartas a Ricardo A collection of letters Castellanos wrote to her

Cartas a Ricardo A collection of letters Castellanos wrote to her


Cartas a Ricardo. A collection of letters Castellanos wrote to her husband, Ricardo Guerra

Ricardo Guerra Tejada, Rosario Castellanos' husband. They met at the UNAM. Cartas a Ricardo, is a collection of letters that Castellanos wrote to Guerra ...

Cartas a Ricardo - Rosario Castellanos

Rosario Castellanos


Not least of all because I'm a woman,” Rosario Castellanos wrote in a letter ...

Jesus Castellanos - Jesús Castellanos circa 1910

Bad Boys, Lips

Rosario Castellanos AGNRecuerda a Rosario Castellanos Archivo General de la Nacin

Rosario Castellanos Entrevista en la imaginacin Rosario Castellanos La Recoleta

A picture of Rosario Castellanos, Juan Rulfo and others in the 1950's. Juan Rulfo

Cartas a Ricardo. A collection of letters Castellanos wrote to her husband, Ricardo Guerra. | Rosario Castellanos | Pinterest

Rosario Castellanos Secretara de Cultura

Emilio Carballido


Rosario Castellanos KULTURITAS Autores Rosario Castellanos Figueroa

Rosario Castellanos Rosario Castellanos

Tombstone of Rosario Castellanos. Throughout her career, Castellanos wrote ...


A practice session circa I've included this photo because in a letter to Ricardo Guerra, Castellanos writes of the lifesaving drill on the SS Argentina.



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Antonio Castellanos Mata - Antonio Castellanos Mata in 2004.

A Rosario Castellanos Reader: An Anthology of Her Poetry, Short Fiction, Essays and Drama by Rosario Castellanos

There was a campaign at the height of the Malvinas Conflict through which students from various schools wrote letters to the soldiers.

Jesus Castellanos - Jesús Castellanos circa 1910

Jesus Castellanos - Self-portrait caricature and signature of Jesús Castellanos from the book Cabezas

Biografia Rosario Castellanos Biography Mexican Poet

“Don Quixote el Castellano Viejo.” Spain? Before 1860s.

Mi antagonista by rosario castellanos alisa amor v muniz

Deyna Castellanos - Image: Deyna Castellanos

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OBRAS COMPLETAS DE BUFFÓN. Aumentadas con artículos suplementarios sobre diversos animales no conocidos por Buffon, por Cuvier.

The Voces Oral History Project by Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, PhD.

Letter sent by the Canadian government to the Democracy Movement, acknowledging receipt of the asylum petition for stranded Cubans. (Courtesy)

A letter to Trump from a “shithole country” / Carta a Trump desde un “shithole country”. De Paolo Luers


Stein, Carl Andreas, Klavierbauer, Pianist und Klavierpädagoge (1797-1863). Eigenh. Brief mit U. Wien, 7. I. 1837. - 1 S. 8vo. An einen Wiener Redakteur.


Franklin Castellanos - Image: Castellanosnyrb II

Gombrowicz carta al Banco Polaco

The writer and journalist Rodolfo J. Walsh sent this letter, dated March 24, 1977, by post to the editorial departments of local newspapers and to foreign ...

Alex Castellanos - Castellanos in 2013

Guillermo Mosquera reading Che Guevara's letter to his children (Photo: Ricardo Vaz)

Julieta Castellanos - Castellanos in 2013

Teo Castellanos - Castellanos in 2013

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José Castellanos Contreras - José Castellanos Contreras

First page of the handwritten letter

Page 1

Page 1

Hermila Galindo - Image: Hermila Galindo

Rito de inicación, Castellanos' last novel published some 20 years after her death.

Leonardo Castellanos y Castellanos - Leonardo Castellanos y Castellanos, when he was bishop of Roman

Is anyone in Houston this weekend? Make sure that you check out the 6th annual LibroFEST. You'll be able to meet authors and artists and see what's ...


This is from a June 1, 1973 Brazilian article about goings-on at the Museu Villa-Lobos. It talks about a new French (Grand Prix du Disque-winning) LP with ...

Autograph letter signed to Latimer Clark 1858 - Ricardo, John Lewis (1812-62). A.L.s. to Latimer Clark. [Illegible place-name], April 1, 1858. 4pp.

The Italian composer of operas Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924) wrote this letter from 4 Verdi Street in Milan to his biographer Arnaldo Fraccaroli.

One of the 'One Hundred Famous Books in Science' — Horblit

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Rosa Beltrán - Rosa Beltran (2014)

The second volume in Aleyson Scopel's complete series of Cartas Celestes by José Antônio Rezende de Almeida Prado shows off this young pianist's dazzling ...

“ En esta Yglesia de San Geronimo el dìa treinta de Agosto del año de mil ochocientos trece. Yo el Presbitero Dn. Josè Marìa Pavaño Cura Teniente de esta ...

On March 26th 1948, Dr. Hector P. Garcia founded of the American GI Forum. Many social historians identified that meeting as the beginning of the Hispanic ...


Is anyone in Houston this weekend? Make sure that you check out the 6th annual LibroFEST. You'll be able to meet authors and artists and see what's ...

Norma Elia Cantú - Cantú at the 2016 Texas Film Festival

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7-1-cartas-habig ...

Following the trip, and now living in San Francisco, Born (with help from her husband and the Mexican art critic Justino Fernández) wrote The New ...

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“En la Yglesia Parroquial de este Real del Sor. San Josè del Parral a ocho de Octubre de mi setecientos ochenta y nueve años: yo Dn. Francisco Cortes del ...

... 14-ri-e-fila-preto

After receiving an honorable discharge, Vicente studied and graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), having already gained notice ...

1 3; 14.


Pedro Páramo - First edition

Part of Paul Huf's 2007 exhibit in Mexico City.

Christian Bök - A word is a bit of crystal in formation; the excess of limitations can be art's greatest ally; each vowel has its own personality


Translation of letter from the High Commissioner's Office of the United Nations Human Rights Commission:

Him and Milan Kundera plan their first artist's book that brings them together, Dos cartas (Two Letters), and they invite Charif to make the illustrations.